by Steve Hale


little matchbox car in a tiny hand
it’ll be all right she whispers to him
but the lie is sensed by reflecting white eyes
still drunk with sleep... and...
on a blacktop road in a sea of sand
he sees her lips move and takes her hand
she keeps repeating 3 little words
it’ll be all right
you might see it fall away
he drives alone with no Northern star
the edges of sleep pull his matchbox car
delirious heat tempers the sound
of a scream never ending
you might feel it burn away
you can turn and walk away
but you’ll be back again one day
because a heart’s like a wheel
a heart’s like a wheel
running on running through
what was old now is new
turning back, going on
what’s not here can’t be gone
can you live with what you’ve done
or will you hide behind a veil of secrets...
you might see it fall away
you can’t turn and walk away
because tomorrow is today
my heart’s like a wheel
turning inside
spinning my head
into a ragged silk lie
I can’t close my eyes
but i can’t stay awake
and there’s so many circles
I keep losing my way
and the whisper that chills me
is burning my eyes
cause it echoes familiar
3 little words that cut up my life
it’ll be all right
you must believe
it’ll be all right
just get back on the wheel...