drinking coffee in a street cafe
wearing my overcoat and black beret
this autumn air is crisp and sweet
Paris at dusk is the only place I want to be
the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe
the Louvre and Notre Dame are almost enough

sipping champagne on the Champs Elysees
swinging til the moon comes to take me away
cruising on the Seine eating dinner at at all hours
I just want lose myself and never say bon soir

an American in Paris has nothing to lose
just throw away your inhibitions and toss off your shoes

watch the ballerinas in Jardin Rodin
eat some cheese and drink some wine by the thinking man
see the modern marvels at the Pompidou
then trip the light fantastic underneath this Parisian moon

It’s the Paris swing
it’s a Paris thing
you don’t have to think
all you’ll want to do is swing